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What is Colour Mirrors?

Colour MIrrors is a tool to reveal blocks and stuck patterns and assist the self in clearing to bring the self back into alignment with one's true purpose, to feel at peace and in - joy within the self.

Each colour has a different frequency like sound and so colours communicate with our super intelligent body and electro magnetic field. As we reveal blocks and stuck patterns through the colours we are able to reconnect with our authentic higher self as opposed to ego self,  open our true heart and live in true alignment with ourselves and our true purpose. Then we can manifest all the Joy, Health, Love and Abundance we could ever desire in the NOW.

Once you appreciate that everything in the universe is energy and vibration, you can take back responsibility, which is only the ability to respond, for creating your own reality reflection.

Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic (energy in motion) - . So what we put out - comes back to us. Simple as that...

Dis-ease manifests as a result of stress, and negative programming. Clear the program, clear the dis-ease. The body expresses as a metaphor what is blocked and in turmoil within the heart, soul and psyche. If we ignore the mental and emotional underlying causes of our distress, our bodies will increasingly manifest and show us that there is something wrong until finally we have to take note.

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Services Offered


*1 to 1 Colour Mirror interactive sessions using the colour bottles to reveal blocks and negative programming which can manifest as stress and dis-ease in the body, poverty consciousness issues, or toxic relationships.

*Deeply Relaxing Reiki with the added power of the Colour Mirrors Chakra bottles. Channelling universal energy, the recipient receives healing energy to clear blocks within the body's field.

*Clearing EFT session - Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. Like acupuncture without the needles, this is a very simple and effective technique to help clear blocks within the meridians in your body.

* Enlightening Colour Numerology session and/or Framed Printout ~ a perfect gift for a loved one. Everythin gis energy and everything in existence is numbers. Discover your unique number and colour vibration which is your Mastery.


*Gift Vouchers available. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

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